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Books: Cook Books

You Can Have Your Food Storage & Eat It Too

Store owner RUSTY KAPPEL has been helping people prepare themselves for what may lie ahead, and has hosted a local radio…

$16.95 $12.95

Cookin' With Beans and Rice

Cookin’ with Beans & Rice Beans and Rice together make up a complete protein which you can live on easily. T…


Cookin' with Powdered Milk

Everything you need to know about cooking with powdered milk. Reconstituting chart. How much milk to store per person/pe…


Cooking with Powdered Eggs

This specialty cookbook is packed with accurate information about dried eggs. Many of these recipes have been tested by …


The Amazing Wheat Book

The Amazing Wheat Book by LeArta Moulton Fast, Easy recipes for perfect breads, main dishes, snacks, desserts, and deli…


Wheat Cookin' Made Easy

This is one of our most popular cookbooks for Wheat and Wheat Flour cooking.   Especially …


Cooking With Home Storage

 This Deluxe version of the cook book includes over 700 recipes designed to make complete use of your home food sto…


Country Beans

Learn to cook beans in only 3 minutes! Nearly 400 High Protein Dishes that are LOW in fat with NO cholesterol. (Many con…


Instant Delite (clear Jel recipies)

Instant Clear Jel is an amazing food starch that thickens foods instantly without cooking. It resembles cornstarch and t…


Just Add Water

Did you store a lot of dehydrated product, but don’t have a clue how to use it? This inexspensive recipe book will…