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Free Instructional Classes: 
  May 2014

All classes start at 11:00 am unless otherwise noted.

Check at the bottom of the page for a description of the classes.

May 2014

Thursday May 8th:  11:00  Bread Class

Saturday May 10th:  11:00  Dutch Oven Class

Thursday May 15th:  11:00 Food Storage Meals

Saturday May 17th:  11:00 Sprouting Class

Thursday May 22nd:11:00 When The Lights Go Out

Saturday May 24th:  11:00  Alternative Cooking (Dutch Oven,Solar,Kelly Kettle

Thursday May 29th: 11:00  8 Steps To Preparedness

Saturday May 31st:  11:00 You Can Have Your Food Storage & Eat It Too


Class Descriptions

Alternative Cooking Class *Dutch Oven, Solar Oven, Volcano Cooking, Kelly Kettle,Thermal Cooker & Rocket Stove

Having several different methods of cooking gives you options for any circumstance.  Come sample some yummy meals, breads, and desserts. Learn the process of using each of these items!

*8 Steps to becoming Self Reliant

Preparedness means being Self Reliant!  This class will include information on 72 hr kits, water storage, food storage, non-food items, and building a preparedness library.  You'll learn not only ways to set about acquiring and storing these items, but also set up ways to use and replenish what you already have.

*Bread Class

We will demonstrate grinding wheat & will make whole wheat bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza & whole wheat blender pancakes using the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine and the NutriMill grain grinder.

*Food Storage Meals

Several different foods/meals will be made using dehydrated and food storage ingredients.

*Water Storage

Learn about different methods of water treatment and purification as well as water storage life, containers, and filters.

*When the Lights Go Out

Lessons learned when turning off the power for a week. Get some ideas of how to be prepared for a power and/or water outage.

*Often “Overlooked” items in Emergency Preparedness

This class will cover everything from food storage desserts to emergency sanitation.

*72 hr. Emergency Kits

Come learn about putting a kit together and how each of the recommended items work/last.  Including everything from heat and lighting to food and water.


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