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Cookers and Stoves

Alpaca (8,500 BTU) Kerosene

This kerosene cook stove utilizes innovative heating technology to provide operating costs that are 1/3 the cost of conv…


Athena -Kitchen To Go- Emergency Kit with Butane Stove, Fuel, Utensils, and more

This item will be shipped without the Butane Fuel Canisters (due to Hazmat) for the discounted rate of $98.10 For…

$109.95 $98.10

Athena Butane Stove

Use this as a great back-up stove during power outages or other emergencies. The Mr. Max Tabletop Burner is a versa…


Sun Oven

This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING! Rated as the top solar appliance in the world! …