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First Aid, N95 Masks

Adventure Medical Kit "Field Trauma"

The Adventure Medical Tactical Field Trauma kit is designed with all of the essentials required to stop or control bleed…


Adventure Medical Kit "Personal" (1 person 1-2 days)

The Adventure Medical Personal First Aid Kit is just the right size for a two-day solo trip into the backcountry. It'…


Adventure Medical Kit "Trail" (1-3 people 1-3 days)

Our lightest kit featuring the Easy Care™ system won't let you down when you need it. Super lightweight d…


Adventure Medical Kit "Travel Medic" (1 Person Multi-Use)

Whether you’re headed to a developing third-world country or out on a casual day hike, the Adventure Medical Kits …


Adventure Medical Kit "Weekender" (1-6 people 1-7 days)

Built with weekend adventurers in mind, this kit includes a variety of medical essentials in an affordable, organized pa…


Adventure Medical Kit \\\"Fundmental\\\" (1-8 people 1-14 days)

This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING! The popularity of this kit stems from its powerful component package, lightwei…


Adventure Medical Kit--Comprehensive--(1-14 people 1-28 days)

This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING! The most highly regarded expedition first-aid kit available. Now improved with t…


Adventure Medical Kit--"Suture"

A hospital quality field surgical kit for closing wounds,. An essential item for Third World travel where sterile compon…


Adventure Medical Kit--\"Suture/Syringe Kit\"

Suture/Syringe Kit Our field surgical kit contains hospital-quality field surgical instruments for closing wounds, inje…


N95 Fold-Flat Particulate Respirator Mask, NIOSH/CDC Approved, Individually Hygienically Packed (box of 20)

Fold Flat N95 Respirator This respirator mask has a low profile design with dual fixed straps, adjustable metal nose b…